FY 2021-23 Legislative Allocations

In addition to our existing programs, ArtsWA requested funding for additional, targeted activities for the arts and culture sector. These new requests focused on state asset preservation, economic development and, COVID-19 recovery . Below is a summary of allocations we received for the FY 2021-23 biennial budget. See chart of ArtsWA and other Creative Sector budget allocations for FY 2021-23.

art conservator at work
An art conservator from Architectural Resources Group tests reflectors to determine which ones are loose or damaged. Photo credit: Yakima Herald, by Amanda Ray.
Art in Public Places

Yakima SunDome Conservation

The artwork Circle of Light is among the most visible and beloved in the State Art Collection. Unfortunately, half of the artwork’s 50,000 reflectors have fallen off since its creation in 1992. Repairs are needed or the state risks losing it altogether. The Legislature approved funding in FY 2021 for Phase 1 of the project–to evaluate the condition of the artwork and recommend the cost and methodology for repair. ArtsWA requested $508,000 for Phase 2 of the project–to complete the repair in the FY 2021-23 biennium.

The Legislature included $508,000  in the state FY 2021-23 Capital Budget to complete the project.

small town
Twisp is one of eight currently certified Creative Districts in Washington State.
Creative Districts

Creative Districts Capital Project Grants

In the FY 2019-21 Capital Budget, the Legislature funded a pilot grant program that supported small-scale capital projects for Creative Districts. Projects are currently underway in each of the eight Creative Districts. Projects are scheduled to be completed before the end of FY 2021. ArtsWA requested $416,120 in the FY 2021-23 Capital Budget to make this grant program a permanent part of the Creative Districts program.

The Legislature included $412,000 in the FY 2021-223 state Capital Budget to support this program.


Creative Districts Operating Budget

The Creative Districts Program helps communities turn arts and culture into economic development opportunities.  There are eight Creative Districts currently certified, with more than 15 other communities working toward certification. ArtsWA requested $197,600 in the FY 2021-23 Operating Budget to support this growing program.

The Legislature included $159,000 in the state FY 2021-23 Operating Budget to support this program.

music conductor
SWOJO with special guest Christine Jensen, Celebrating Women in Jazz. Seattle Women's Jazz Orchestra (SWOJO), Shoreline, WA. Photo courtesy of SWOJO.
Community Investments

Recovery of Washington’s Creative Sector

Arts and culture organizations were the first organizations to close because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will be among the last to open. In an effort to prevent the total collapse of this sector, ArtsWA has converted its existing grants into relief and recovery grants. With additional funds from the federal government and the Washington Legislature, ArtsWA disbursed $3.84M in relief grants to organizations in 2020. ArtsWA requested $2,000,000 in the FY 2021-23 Operating Budget to provide recovery assistance grants to the sector as it emerges from pandemic restrictions.

The Legislature included $2,000,000 in the FY 2021-23 state Operating Budget to support relief and recovery for the creative sector.