Open and upcoming grants

Grants to Organizations

Emerging Organizations Grant | Deadline: February 27, 2024.

Art Project Grant | Opens March 12, 2024.

COVID Impacts Recovery Grant | This grant is now closed.

General Operating Support (2-year funding) | This grant is closed and will reopen 2025.

Arts Service Organization Support (2-year funding) | This grant is closed and will reopen 2025.

Wellness, Arts, and the Military

Vet Corps Rural Service Project Grant | Deadline: Friday, March 15, 2024.

General Operating Support | This grant is now closed.

Self-directed Art Practice grant | This grant is now closed.

Arts in Education

Creative Start Project Grant | Deadline: February 23, 2024.

Arts in Education Project Grant | This grant is closed and will reopen 2025.

Center for Washington Cultural Traditions

No grants are currently open. Learn more about CWCT here.

Tribal Cultural Affairs

Tribal Cultural Affairs Grant | Deadline: February 28, 2024

dance troupe
Whim W'Him dancer Ashley Green and company dancers performing excerpts from Olivier Wevers' "The Way It Is" during a free pop-up appearance at Myrtle Edwards Park in Seattle, WA. Photo by Stefano Altamura. August 2020.

About our grants

ArtsWA grants help communities nurture and grow the arts. These communities are located in rural and urban areas throughout the state. Our grants focus on cultural equity and the creative economy. Our goal is to serve diverse populations. State and federal funds support our grants.

Grant programs
  • Arts In Education grants invest in community-based partnerships in early learning and K-12 learning communities. Our grants strengthen arts education as part of PreK-12 basic education.
  • Grants to Organizations expand arts participation in Washington communities. We seek to ensure that all people have access to the arts.
  • Wellness, Arts, and the Military grants support artists and arts organizations who have arts and wellness programs for military-connected communities.

Other grants
Jack Straw Cultural Center Artist Support Program
ArtsWA grantee, Jack Straw Cultural Center, produced the Alice Gosti Performance "How to be a Partisan." Photo courtesy of Jack Straw Cultural Center.
How to apply for an ArtsWA grant
Managing your grant
  • Did you receive an ArtsWA grant? Congratulations! Read our Managing your grant page for next steps, reporting, and more.

Grants Spotlight


National Film Festival for Talented Youth (NFFTY) is a grantee of our FY22 Grants to Organizations Pandemic Relief program. This trailer gives a broad overview of the 234 official selections that were showcased at the 14th National Film Festival for Talented Youth.  This festival took place from October 23 to November 1, 2020. Founded in 2007, NFFTY’s mission is to advance and connect talented young filmmakers worldwide. In addition to their annual film festival, NFFTY leads workshops and hosts resources for emerging filmmakers.

Learn more about NFFTY at: