Design in Public - Seattle Design Festival street exhibit
Design in Public, an ArtsWA grantee, produces the annual Seattle Design Festival. Photo courtesy of Design in Public.

General Operating Support Grant

To respond to evolving organizational needs brought on by the pandemic, our grant programs for FY22 will be changing. General Operating Support will open as a recovery program. Check back soon for updated grant program information and/or sign up for our newsletter on our homepage for updates.

NOTE: Hannah Dahlke is no longer on staff. Not all links have been updated. Please reach out to Miguel Guillén, Program Manager at or Audrey Molloy, Program Assistant at

This grant offers general operating support to arts organizations. Their primary focus must be to present, perform, preserve, teach (in a community setting), cultivate proficiency, and/or facilitate knowledge sharing in the arts. These grants help cover an organization’s regular operating expenses so they may dedicate more time to programming that benefits the public. For complete information, please review the grant program guidelines when they are available.

Grant requests up to $5,000. Matching funds are required.

Eligible organizations:

  • Nonprofit arts organizations
  • Fiscally sponsored groups and organizations
  • Local Arts Agencies (see details in guidelines and below in Local Arts Agency – Definition)

Local Arts Agencies that are officially designated by local governments but have independent budgets (are not a line item in the designating government’s budget) and have independent oversight (independent board, advisory committee, etc.) may apply for a GOS grant.

A Local Arts Agency (LAA) is a local nonprofit organization officially designated by a local government to deliver arts and culture events, programs, and services on behalf of the designating government. A LAA can also be an arts and culture department of a municipal, county or tribal government. Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Departments are examples. LAAs provide service, participation, and/or advocacy-based activities within a defined geographic area. They are non-discipline-specific. Activities provided by LAAs have a community-wide reach. They serve to enrich quality of life by increasing public access to the arts. Applicants must provide documentation of official designation as an LAA by a local government. They must be established by ordinance or legislation. They must have at least a one-year history as an agency, department, or unit of city, county, tribal or state government.


Application Information

Apply Online Via Zoomgrants

The Zoomgrants application process is simple and easy to use. If you do not have a profile on ZoomGrants, you may go in anytime and create your profile. Open grant programs will populate in your profile as they become available. Please use the following browsers: Firefox, Chrome, or Safari. We do not recommend using Internet Explorer.

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